i dont even know what i'm going to do without him anymore.
now i used to be alone and i need to accept it!
i must stand by myself. just i am.
ya allah, please strength me up. i couldnt face all these by my self.
i'm not strength enough. if we are created to fulfill each other, 
please save our relationship. i do love so much but sometimes i feel unapriciated.
all my lifes are about loving him, but i couldnt stand with him anymore.
after he made so many things to me, i still accept him and love him.
but he even knows what i feel. he embrassed me to crowded. he made me cry to crowded. and he told me that was his purpose to make me feel what he had feel. ya allah.
 i dont even know what i've done to him. but i know already, i'll facing my life by myself and without him anymore. if this is my destiny, i accept. if you made these all for seperating us, 
i accept. because i know. it is the best. ya allah, show me the right way. make my life run easy without him. 
if youre reading, i want you to know that  my love to you will never ends though you had
made so many things, as long as i alive.